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What can I do on BIBLIOVET?

Bibliovet, the Online Veterinary Medicine Encyclopaedia offered by ANMVI can be simply consulted, looking at any one of the large list of entries (Explore the encyclopaedia), or you can contribute to its contents (Collaborate in the project), by sending new entries, proposing new topics or suggesting integrations or changes to existing entries.

This area was created to help users wanting to collaborate in the project, supplying all the instructions necessary.
Through the Help Desk we will also try to supply all the guides to help you to exploit the instruments available to their full potential.

If you need to contact TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE, you can send an e-mail to this address or fill in the form accessed via this link.

How to register with BIBLIOVET

In order to access the protected contents of this Internet site you have to register, which will only take you a few seconds.

The form to fill in is on the home page:

After you have clicked on “Create new profile” you will reach the next stage, in which you will be asked to follow the instructions that you will have been sent to the e-mail address that you entered, in order to complete the registration.

At this point, download your post and follow the instructions that you have received by e-mail:


After having clicked on the link present in the e-mail:


NOTE: if you are already a registered user, you do not have to register again to enter the site.
If you are a registered user, above the registration form, there are two links:

  • the first on the left is for direct access, by entering your user name (your full e-mail address used during the registration process) and your password
  • the second on the right is to start the procedure for recovery of a password if you have not been assigned one or you do not remember it.

Explore the encyclopaedia

Explore the encyclopaedia

There are five different ways of searching for an item.

1) The search by TERM yields all the entries in the archive which contain the indicated word in the title or any part of the text.

2) The search by INITIAL yields all the entries whose title begins with the indicated letter (articles – a, an, the - excluded).

3) The search by SPECIALTIES enables vision of only those entries related to a specific discipline.

4) The search by SPECIES enables vision of only those entries related to a single species.

5) The search by SPECIALTIES and SPECIES is a double-filter option: a discipline can be chosen from the drop-down menu and this can be crossed with a search for a particular species. In this way the system yields results on all the articles relevant to a given discipline but concerning only the indicated species.

Collaborate in the project

The underlying principle of Bibliovet is collaboration, that is, founding members and contributors (registered veterinarians) contribute to making the online encyclopaedia every more complete and exhaustive. You can contribute to Bibliovet by sending a new article or modifying or integrating an existing one.The submitted contributions will be first read and, possibly, selected by the editorial staff who will send it to the subject editor for final approval. Instructions for contributing to Bibliovet can be consulted by entering the section Contributing to bibliovet from the home page of Bibliovet.

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