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Contributing to bibliovet

Last updated October 16, 2017

The methods and terms of collaboration with BIBLIOVET will be defined personally with each author following a request to the editorial board of BIBLIOVET (dr. Maria Grazia Monzeglio mg.monzeglio@vetpedia.net).


Characteristics of articles submitted
Articles submitted must be original work. No contributions that have been copied, even partially, from other sites, books or encyclopaedias can be accepted. No material or images covered by copyright or other forms of protection can be entered into Bibliovet. The reported sources of information must always be cited.

The contents of contributions submitted shall be organized according to a classical model widely used in the medical field, subdividing the text according to the following scheme, when pertinent:

This outline does not, of course, apply in the case of modifying an existing article. Modifications may be major or just a few lines. If you submit a short contribution on a very specific subject, it is better to write it as a section of an already existing article on the same topic, rather than as a new article.

There are not rigid limits to the length of articles or contributions submitted to Bibliovet. However, the submissions should be concise and written in a direct, schematic style.


Permissions and disclaimers
It is forbidden to publish or reproduce in any form the contents of BIBLIOVET without prior authorisation from the editorial board of BIBLIOVET.

Biomedical sciences and veterinary medicine are evolving continuously. Research and clinical experience constantly increase our knowledge, particular regarding medical, surgical and pharmacological methods of treatment. In this regard the reader can be certain that the authors, subject editors and editorial board of BIBLIOVET have done everything possible to ensure that such references are consistent with the most up to date knowledge. That said, the authors, subject editors and editorial board cannot be held responsible for the consequences of procedures, treatments and drug treatments described in BIBLIOVET; the responsibility is, an all cases, that of the veterinarian.

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