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 Fipronil belongs to the family of phenylpyrazoles, a class of broad-spectrum, second-generation pesticides used in agriculture, veterinary care and in the household.
This is a one-year-old, female Terrier-mix breed presented for intermittent dribbling since its acquisition at three months of age (91). This dog periodically voids the bladder normally. i. What diagnosis is suggested by the contrast study?ii. What are five morphologic variations of this anatomic anomaly?iii. What are the methods of choice for assessing the ureteral pathway and itstermination?
Uterine adenocarcinoma (Figs. 1 and 2) is the most common type of cancer found in the female rabbit; in subjects over 3 years of age the incidence can be of 50-80%, depending on the breed, while under 3 years of age it is instead uncommon. The condition is entirely preventable with sterilization, preferably performed at 6-12 months of age.
Acute haematogenous osteomyelitisis an acute, closed-space infection of the bone marrow with active involvement of the endosteum and the periosteum.  It is a suppurativenecroticinflammatory process caused by pyogens. Since this is an infective process it can involve any bone. However, the most frequent sites are the metaphyseal regions of long bones of growing subjects; in adults the site most...
The term pulmonary atelectasia is used to describe the pathological condition in which small or large areas of pulmonary parenchyma are characterized by alveolar collapse because of the lack of gas within the alveoli. Various diseases of the bronchi and alveoli can cause the development of atelectasia: intraluminal bronchial obstruction, granulomas, foreign bodies, external compression by...
In order to be able to predict the effect of drugs used in anaesthesia accurately it is important to know not only the trends in concentration of the drug at the effector site (pharmacokinetics), but also the biological effects that it has on the patient (pharmacodynamics). Pharmacokinetics can be described as the qualitative and quantitative study of the trends in the processes of absorption,...
Ketamine hydrochloride is a general anaesthetic deriving from the cyclohexamine phencyclidine. This latter molecule was synthesised in 1956 by Harold Maddox, a pharmacologist of the Parke-Davis pharmaceutical company, and became the first molecule to be used in anaesthesia, in 1958 by Greifenstein and colleagues. However, phencyclidine caused negative effects on awakening from anaesthesia....

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Dermatophytosis in the hamster: a fragment of fur surrounded by a thick sheath of arthrospores


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