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Schirmer’s test is normally used to measure the aqueous component of the tear film. It must be performed BEFORE any other ophthalmological examination requiring the use of drugs that interfere with tear secretion (reduced by local anaesthetics and parasympatholytic mydriatics, increased by parasympathomimetics). When it is necessary to perform the test AFTER administration of the above-...
Feline immunodeficiency virus (FIV) is a lymphotropic lentivirus that causes an acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in domestic felidae. Although antigenically distinct, FIV is morphologically and biochemically correlated to human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Both viruses exhibit a similar pathogenesis, characterized by a long period of clinical latency during which the functions of the...
The open wound shown on the hindlimb of this large mixed-breed dog (65a) started as a large necrotic lesion, probably toxic epidermal necrolysis or the result of a spider bite. An outline of care was given to the owner. The wound progressed well and is shown three weeks later (65b). At this time, reconstructive surgery was recommended. The dog was not returned for further care for four months...
As in every medical discipline, odontostomatology mandatorily requires, besides suitable scientific preparation, technical knowledge about the instruments needed to perform dental procedures. The equipment that the professional decides to purchase has to be proportionate to the volume of work expected and to the type of operations she/he expects to perform most often.
A 2-year-old male castrated golden retriever dog was presented for exercise intolerance, weight gain, and excessive shedding (22a). In addition, the owner reported the dog has ‘lost his obedience training’ and sleeps all of the time. Physical examination reveals an obese dog with a heart rate of 45 beats per minute. The dog’s face has a tragic expression. Large clumps of hair...
Piezoelectric surgery is an innovative technique that can be used in the field of oral and dental bone surgery, neurosurgery and vertebral surgery as well as in many other sectors. With this method, surgery to the mandible and maxilla can be carried out more conservatively, with less trauma to the patient and a better post-operative recovery in comparison to traditional surgery using periosteal...
Laryngeal paralysis (LP) is a well recognised and potentially life threatening condition seen predominantly in older large-breed dogs. However, it is increasingly being recognised also in cats. The condition results either from dysfunction of the caudal laryngeal nerves, which are terminations of the recurrent laryngeal nerves, or from damage to the dorsal cricoarytenoid muscles. The caudal...

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The act of vomiting has three stages: nausea, retching and vomiting


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