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This prostatic disease may affect both intact and castrated male dogs, after the development of an infection. Chronic prostatitis has also been reported in a cat.   PATHOGENESIS
Where did humans and the dog encounter? Humans encountered wolves, not dogs. Dogs are, therefore, the result of the encounter and not the partner of the encounter. Moreover, it is appropriate to question whether humans (as we conceive them) are also the outcome of such encounter rather than the partner of the encounter (R. Marchesini). Current knowledge about the social nature of wolves has...
Electrophoresis of the proteins in the serum is used to divide these proteins into their main fractions (albumin – a class of water-soluble proteins – and globulins, which can be subdivided into  α, β, and γ types) and quantify each of the fractions. This can provide diagnostic information on disorders characterized by alterations of plasma proteins (dysproteinaemias).  ...
The mass of an animal increases for a finite period after birth. This increase in mass is accompanied by differentiation and evolution of the shape and structure of various organs and apparatuses: consequently the different parts of the body grow to varying degrees, so that the proportions between them change gradually as the animal approaches maturity.
Ivermectin, a mixture between 22,23-dihydro-avermectin B1a (≥ 80%) and B1b (≤ 20%), is produced by an actinomycete (Streptomyces avermitilis). Structurally, it is a disaccharide macrocyclic lactone, chemically related to milbemycin (Fig. 1). Ivermectin is active against nematodes and arthropods.   MECHANISM OF ACTION Ivermectin activates the gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) receptor causing...
The crystalline lens (lens) is a transparent structure with a roughly spherical, biconvex shape with a more pronounced posterior curvature and a flatter anterior surface. It is located behind the iris and its anterior surface is bathed by the aqueous humour present in the posterior chamber. A very small part of the lens is in contact with the iris and exerts a light, physiological pressure on...
Vulvar and vaginal tumours account for 2.4-3% of neoplasms in dogs, while precise data are not available for cats. In the bitch, vaginal and vulvar tumours constitute about 40% and 34%, respectively, of genital neoplasms, which are the most frequent reproductive system tumours after mammary tumours.   SIGNALMENT AND HISTORY

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Haematuria is one of the possible toxic effects of cyclophosphamide


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