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Patients that have had a head injury can develop lesions or impairment of intracranial and extracranial functions. The extracranial alterations which are most often detected and that must be looked for and treated if present are: traumatic shock, impaired ventilation or oxygenation, airway obstruction, head fractures, chest trauma and its complications, spinal injuries, fractures of the ribs and...
The heart contains a specific system dedicated to the generation of electrical impulses and their conduction to the working myocardium. This system consists of cells able to generate an electrical impulse spontaneously and bundle structures that propagate the impulse to the atria and ventricles. The electrical impulse originates in the sinus node, situated at the junction between the right atrium...
Adrenal gland tumours are uncommon in dogs and cats, representing 1% to 2% of all canine tumours (Lunn 2013). However, due to the widespread use of abdominal ultrasonography, the identification of adrenal neoplasia has increased in recent years.
In order to be able to predict the effect of drugs used in anaesthesia accurately it is important to know not only the trends in concentration of the drug at the effector site (pharmacokinetics), but also the biological effects that it has on the patient (pharmacodynamics). Pharmacokinetics can be described as the qualitative and quantitative study of the trends in the processes of absorption,...
Uterine tumours are not very frequent in either bitches or queens. The reported frequency in the bitch is between 0.3 and 0.4% of all canine tumours. In a study carried out in a population of 75,000 dogs, of which 3,073 with cancer, only 11 had a uterine tumour (10 leiomyomas  and 1 leiomyosarcoma). In the cat, uterine tumours account for 1-2% of female reproductive tract tumours and 0.2-1.5...
Insufficient or inadequate nutrition is responsible for many pathophysiological changes. One of the most serious consequences is cellular and humoural immunoparesis from reduced neutrophil activity.
Vascular ring anomalies are congenital malformations of the great vessels and their branches which  entrap the oesophagus (and trachea) causing their obstruction. Persistent right aortic arch (PRAA) is the most common anomaly and accounts for about 90% of these disorders. Other anomalies that have been reported are right persistent ductus arteriosus, aberrant right or left subclavian artery (the...

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Neutrophil leucocytosis as a result of acute inflammation: mature neutrophils and one non-segmented neutrophil can be seen


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